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Create your own CME program

There are several ways you can create your own institutional CME program using IAME:

1. Third party providership: You develop your course and IAME designates your evidence based contining medical education program to award AMA category 1 PRA credits. 

  • We make sure you are compliant with ACCME regulations and teach you all the ins and outs of ACCME Accredited CME program direction. 
  • We currently provide third party providership to major medical journals, nationally recognized medical societies, private physician groups, private companies, and others. 

2.  IAME offers customized courses on demand. If you have a group that would like us to bring a specific program into your facility we can provide:

  • a program that is tailored to the specific needs of your practice/institution
  • instructors from our usual world class teaching team
  • any combination of lectures, workshops and hands-on instruction
  • CME credits for all participants
  • fees that, in most cases, cost less than your group's travel to a conference.

3. Become a premium course instructor on IAME's platform. 

  • Are you an expert in your field or for your company? 
  • Do you have lectures or courses you want to convert to quality CME that has ACCME category 1 PRA credit awarded? 
  • Do you want to sell/distribute your evidence-based material that is free from commercial bias on our platform? 
  • If you are eligible after a brief disclosure process and your courses align with our mission we can provide you with the platform to sell your course, the editorial feedback, the hosting, and CME accreditation of your course without the hassle and expense of paying the $7500 to $10000 fee that many state and nationally accredited providers will charge you.  We offer this partnership to qualified experts on a percentage fee basis which eliminates much of the upfront costs.  
  • Once we have determined you're qualified,  your content is valid and free from commercial bias, we are a good fit,  and you have agreed to the terms of service,  we will have your course published and no our platform in a short period of time. Your course will then gain the benefit of the IAME reputation, thousands of page views a day, and exposure to our massive membership and newsletter. You can then distribute and promote your course as you please. 
  • Contact us for more. 

"Love the convenience in achieving my required CME's, that these courses provide. Thank you so much!"

Ann Fleming RDMS, RVT , Fort Myers, FL