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Enjoy Our Newly Added Courses

We know you're trying to stay current so we're staying current too. Our online course library (now at over 130 titles) is growing all the time so there's always something new for you to review... even if you're not currently earning CME credits.

In the past few months we've added new courses like Case Studies:  Fetal Arrhythmias and Part 2 of Fundamentals for Interpreting Non Invasive Vascular Studies.  For echocardiographers we've added many, including 2 case-based courses on aortic regurgitation (Case Studies in Aortic Regurgitation (due to AV disease) and Case Studies in Aortic Regurgitation (due to aortic disease).  Breast imagers can earn 3 credits with Stereotactic and Tomosynthesis Guided Breast Biopsy .

If you're new to IAME take a look at our CME program.  The early part of the year is a great time to take advantage of our Unlimited CME Plan.

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Shahla Iloulian RDMS, Plainview, New York