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Case Studies: Abdominal Wall Defects

Case 1

Your patient presents for nuchal translucency assessment at 13 weeks, and Image A is noted at the time. A follow-up detailed fetal anatomical survey is performed at 21 weeks, and Image B is obtained as part of that study.

Image A demonstrates an image of the fetal abdominal wall at 13 weeks’ gestation. Herniation of abdominal contents is noted (labeled “herniation”) that is essentially the same size as the abdomen itself. A red line demarcates the width of the herniation. Image B is the same fetus at 21 weeks’ gestation at the time of the detailed fetal anatomical survey. Image C demonstrates the abnormality postnatally. There is evidence of a sac with herniated contents contained within the sac, with fetal liver, intestines and stomach herniated into the sac as shown. The red circle indicates the umbilical cord insertion.


Image A

Image B

Image C

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