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UPDATE: Wednesday, December 13, 2023. The Transfer Feature is Back Up! Due to an ARDMS/APCA system error, the transfer feature for completed coursework was temporarily down. This feature has now been fixed. I will be resubmitting all completed coursework today, December 13. You should see your coursework in your ARDMS/APCA bank shortly. Let us know if any of your coursework is still missing after today.

Questions About Our New Website


If you are signing in to our new website for the first time, you must set a brand new password. You will also need to make sure to update all of your information and save your changes. This is required. If you do not complete this information, your new password will not be saved. Make sure to complete as many fields as you possibly can to ensure the successful transfer of your records. *Including checking the box that permits us to submit your credits on your behalf; this is required for transfer. All fields with an asterisk are required! All of this is just for the first time you sign in.  If you missed our first emails, you can use our forgot/reset password feature. I can send you a password reset link if you still have trouble accessing your account after following all of these steps.

All of your completed coursework, old or new, is permanently stored in our database and will remain accounted for. All courses taken/credits earned before July 24, 2023, have already been reported to the respective organizations. (ARDMS, APCA, CCI, etc..) 

Our transfer process with ARDMS is up and running smoothly at this time. If you notice that you are missing any coursework in your ARDMS bank, please get in touch with us. We do not have direct access to your ARDMS bank. 

We are still working on a bonus feature to migrate your historical course data from our old website. 

Some IAME users have had some courses duplicated in their ARDMS/APCA credit bank. You may be one of those users.  No worries, we have this all figured out and we promise this will be corrected prior to your triennium’s end.  This is merely a technical glitch. So what should you do?
Q: Should I be worried?
A: No, IAME is working closely with ARDMS/APCA to resolve this issue before the end of your triennium. This is simply a technical glitch that takes time us time to update your records. 
Q: Do I need to contact ARDMS/APCA?  
A: No, IAME will handle all of your concerns. IAME has direct contact with ARDMS and works closely with their customer support and technical team so you don’t have to. 
Q: I have duplicated or missing credits in my bank; what should I do?
A:  Contact IAME at Send us a screen capture of your ARDMS account and we will have it resolved quickly. We do not have direct access to your ARDMS/APCA account to access this information. This will help to speed up the process. All of your records are stored securely and permanently at IAME.

First, I’d like to assure you that ALL courses are AMA PRA Category 1 ™ credit. The codes below apply to ARDMS/APCA ONLY.   We understand that meeting your credentialing requirements is very important. We have chosen to identify our categories with an easy to recognize icon. If you select a category and you find other mismatched course icons mixed in, those courses will always be reported as the icon that identifies them. We have recently added a badge to these icons for easy identification of the amount of credit(s) each course is worth. For those who have to have a specific amount of courses in each category for their certification, please see the key below for the credit type associated with that icon that will be reported to your respective organization. 

Credit type is reported as the code specified in parentheses:

OBGYN Icon- (OB/GYN) credit type    Breast Icon-(BR) credit type   Vascular Icon- (VT) credit type     Abdominal Icon- (AB) credit type    Musculoskeletal Icon-(MSKS) credit type.   Head and Neck Icon- (AB) credit type    Lung icon- (AB) credit type     Cardiology Icon-If not specified as Fetal Echo (FE), it will be reported as Adult Echo (AE)    Physics Icon-Reported as General AMA PRA Category 1 credit    Ergonomics Icon-Reported as  General AMA PRA Category 1 credit     Required Training Icon-Reported as  General AMA PRA Category 1 credit

When you begin taking courses on our new website, your records will be stored and retrievable here. If you should require records, such as in the case of an audit from previous trienniums, for credits earned up to July 24, 2023, we will always be able to retrieve those historical records/certificates. ALL of your records are and will remain, permanently stored in our database. In the meantime, if required by your organization, a history of your completed coursework and certificates can be sent to you if requested. Unless you are a physician whose department requires your records STAT (for credentialing, certification, etc.), we ask that you please be patient as we work towards a permanent solution for transferring your course history to the new website. Again, all courses taken before July 24, 2023, should already be transferred. 

This feature is currently up and running smoothly on IAME. If you do not see your coursework reflected in your ARDMS bank, please contact us and we can now quickly update your records. You may have earned your cme during a period of transition. We do not have direct access to your ARDMS bank. Please crosscheck your completed courses with your ARDMS bank and provide us with the title of any courses that you are missing. 

I’d like to apologize for the confusion. The email sent Wednesday, 9/13, was mistakenly sent to our entire mailing list. If you have purchased the annual plus membership through December 31, 2024, your membership is NOT expiring on December 31, 2023. If your membership is set to expire in 2023, you still have until December 31, 2023, to earn your CME credits. If you do not yet have a membership, or yours has expired, we’d love to have you!

Before creating any ticket, please search through the available faqs. From here, you may find the answers you need without the need to submit your question and wait for an answer.  We are a very small team and strive to answer all emails/requests promptly.

Kindly note that we are a very small team, and due to the number of support requests we receive every day, though we always try our best to answer all of them promptly, please patiently wait about 1-2 business days to receive our response before following up.

Account Issues

Please see the first FAQ for a detailed answer above. You MUST set a new password and update your information if this is the first time you have logged on to our new website. If you have already done this, and simply forgot your new password, please try the forgot password/password recovery process on the login page. It works!

If after all of this, you still require further assistance, please email us at to request a temporary password.

ARDMS/APCA will only allow one email account per ARDMS/APCA number. If you don’t remember the email account associated with your number or no longer have access to that email, let me know, and I can help you. I will just need your full name (if your name has changed, please provide the previous name and how your name is registered with ARDMS now), your triennium, and the email address to which you’d like to switch your account.

We sure can. Please let us know exactly how you are currently registered with ARDMS. This will be the name we record on your certificates. They have to match exactly. Please log on to your ARDMS account, take a screen capture of what they are “calling you,” and send it to us. We’ve been having the best luck with this process in fixing the issue. It should say something like “Welcome Back,_______.” we’ll then update your account on our end to match.

In short: yes, please! To help your request receive a quick review and thorough response, please submit your request and make sure that you send a description of the issue alongside related URLs and screenshots.

Course Information

Have you completed the survey that followed the quiz of the course you took? The survey is required to earn the certificate. Please go back to the courses you’ve completed and go all the way through the survey and fill out the survey at the end of the quiz and click “Complete.” You will see the certificate under “Course History” instantly. 

You may retake as many of the same courses as you’d like as long as you are in a new triennium. They will be accepted for credit if you are in a new triennium.

If you are a physician, be sure to check with your specific board for their policy on this. 

You may retake the quiz as many times as you need to. After the quiz, you will find a discussion that explains the answers.

We have more than the required amount for sure. You do not need a membership to go to our website and look at our quickly expanding course library. There, you will see all of the courses we offer, and if you open a course, it will show you the number of cme that course is worth, along with information about the course. As you scroll down the category page, kindly allow the page to load to see additional courses in that category.

All of your certificates are safe, and you should be able to download your own certificates in your profile. Follow the procedure shown in the screenshots below:

Credit Information

Normally, when that happens, there is a difference between how we have your information listed on your certificate (which you are unable to change on our website yourself) and how ARDMS has your information registered. They have to match precisely. Log on to your ARDMS account, take a screenshot of what they are “calling you,” and send it to me with your email. We’ve been having the best luck with this process in fixing the issue. It should say something like “Welcome Back,_______.” I’ll then update your account on our end to match.

After we fix the issue, we will need to manually re-upload your coursework to ARDMS. Please allow us a little time to make that happen.

If it is not a name issue, please give us some time to find the problem and fix it. 

Not quite yet! But…We’re so glad you’re here. We’ve recently met with Sonography Canada and are so happy that we are able to say that within the next few months, the credits you earn with us will transfer directly to them. Until then, rest assured our credits are accepted by Sonography Canada and will be safely stored with us (or downloadable by you) for the time being. For more information go to Who Accepts IAME CME?

This can definitely be confusing. SA-CME credits are Category 1 credits and are accepted by ARDMS. SA-CME certificates for nonphysicians state that they are Category 1 credits (these courses also provide SA-CME credits for radiologists) If you have put in your ARDMS number and triennium and made sure to hit save, all of the courses you have taken or will take that are either SA-CMEs, or Category 1 CMEs will automatically go to your ARDMS account when this feature is working properly. Category A Courses are only for ARRT. ARRT ONLY accepts Category A courses. We no longer offer Category A courses.

Our courses meet the criteria to be considered SAMs by the American Board of Surgery for Vascular Surgery requirements.

ARRT ONLY accepts Category A courses. The ARRT has a philosophical difference in standards for what counts for CE and has chosen not to accept ACCME Category 1 PRA AMA Credits, which are otherwise accepted worldwide by almost all organizations, including the ARDMS, IAC, ACR, SVU, AIUM, state boards and so on. Due to the decrease in ARRT users and the decrease in popularity of those Category A courses, we have made the decision to discontinue offering Category A courses. You will no longer see Category A courses on the website anymore. If you’ve already taken them, you will continue to have access to those records for up to six years. For more information go to Who Accepts IAME CME?

Membership Information

Our membership is all-inclusive. This means if you buy the “annual” plan for $79.99, you can take unlimited courses and earn unlimited cme. You’ll have instant access until December 31, 2023. If you buy the “annual plus” at $154.99, you’ll have instant access to our courses/cme all the way through December 31, 2024. This is our best value and most popular membership. We do not offer single course or bundled course pricing. The best value is through membership. We are positive that you’ll be able to find many courses in our ever-expanding cme library to suit your needs/requirements.

If you have purchased vouchers for single courses in the past, they never expire. Whatever the total number of vouchers in your account is, the number of cme you can take. For example, two vouchers would either get you one 2 credit course or two 1 credit courses.

We do! We often work with medical centers, practices, hospitals, and others to provide our cme memberships at a discounted group membership rate. It is an economical and easy way to make sure your entire staff has access to the cme they require. Our discount is based on the number of memberships purchased. Please contact us for more information. We’d love to work with you.

No, Premium Courses are not included within the Unlimited Membership. Premium Courses are generally longer and go more in depth than your typical course. Therefore these courses can be purchased al la carte, prices vary.

We are now accepting new organizations to partner with to provide accreditation services. Please contact us for more information about the process and cost. We’d love to work with you.

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