Contrast Enhanced Echocardiography

Course Overview:

Welcome to the Comprehensive Guide to Contrast Enhanced Echocardiography. This course offers an in-depth exploration of the evolution and application of contrast agents in echocardiographic imaging. Beginning with the discovery of echo “clouds” in 1968 to the advanced 3rd generation polymer shell gas bubbles used today, we delve into the physics, techniques, and practical applications of ultrasound enhancing agents (UEAs). Designed for medical professionals, this Continuing Medical Education (CME) course aims to enhance your understanding and skills in contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging, ensuring improved patient outcomes and diagnostic accuracy. Enroll now, or continue to read more about this course.

Key Features of Contrast Enhanced Echocardiography Course:

  • Trace the transformation from first-generation free gas bubbles to the sophisticated 3rd generation contrast agents used in modern echocardiography.
  • Learn through detailed discussions and example videos on how improve endocardial border delineation, enhance Doppler signals, and aid in the detection of intracardiac shunts and other pathologies.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions on administering contrast agents, adjusting machine settings, and interpreting enhanced images for accurate diagnosis.

Earn ACCME Category 1 PRA Credit:

By completing this course, physicians and sonographers can earn 2 AMA PRA Category 1 ™ credits.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn to apply this knowledge in clinical settings, improving patient counseling and management strategies.
  • Earn 2 AMA PRA Category 1 ™ credits.
  • Professional Development

Who Should Enroll:

  • Physicians.
  • ARDMS and APCA Sonographers.
  • Medical professionals who preform/interpret ultrasound.

Course Duration:

Flexible self-paced learning, allowing you to progress through the material at your convenience.

Enroll Now:

Join a community of medical professionals dedicated to excellence in Contrast Enhanced Echocardiography. Enroll now to start your journey towards mastering the use of contrast agents in echocardiography and ensuring the highest standards of patient care.