Premium Online Courses

IAME is proud to offer Premium ACCME-accredited AMA PRA Category 1 ™ in a diverse variety of topics. 

In addition to our unlimited online memberships, we are now offering premium courses for an additional charge for those learners looking for more. Specifically, you’ll find all of your required courses for state, federal, organization, or facility mandates. These courses are offered outside of our ultrasound-focused unlimited CME membership. The ala carte pricing on our premium courses allows you to tailor your CME program to your specific needs.  Specific content, such as Opioids, Dementia, Sexual Harassment, and Implicit bias. This library is quickly growing and will fill the need for state licensing requirements for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and many other members of the healthcare team.  Take a look at our state-specific packages.

In addition to these required training courses, we will also be offering guest courses from IAME faculty IAME partners such as CardioServ, Applied Radiology, and Pivto Digital Learning.  These diverse courses will cover various topics that could include Imaging, Radiology, Cardiology, OBGYN, the business of medicine, and more state licensing requirement courses, to name a few.

These are courses that are brought to you by partner organizations with IAME that have chosen to hold the same quality standards to our organization for continuing education.  As such, having them offered separately from the unlimited CME membership gives members the opportunity to purchase these courses individually without driving up the low cost of our unlimited membership.  These courses may also be outside the topic of your interest or need and therefore you are not paying extra for courses that you do not need.

There are several reasons why a learner may choose to do additional premium course content.

  1. These courses may be more extensive, more in-depth, and broader than the targeted topics that are included in the unlimited membership that are essential for continuing medical education.  The premium courses may be an area of subspecialty or specific need at your institution that is not typically required although could be for all users.
  2. Learners may choose to take premium courses to improve specific topics included in the unlimited membership to advance their careers.
  3. Learners may choose to learn a new area of expertise such as musculoskeletal ultrasound which is not typically taught in ultrasound schools or at many institutions.
  4. Premium courses will also be given by invited lecturers/teachers that may be only available for a limited time.
  5. State and federal requirements for specific course topics change over time.  There are new specific requirements for continuing education that are different by each state and updated each legislative cycle.  Therefore it is not appropriate to include these courses in an unlimited membership whereby learners that are located in different states would not benefit and less they were practicing their license in that state.
  6. Premium courses may be presented in a different format than our typical unlimited CME courses.  Posting these on a premium platform may require additional technology for delivery.