Implicit Bias for Healthcare Providers


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This course aims to provide medical doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other members of the healthcare team with an understanding of the theories of implicit bias, its impact on medical practice, and strategies to minimize its effects. Implicit bias is the concept of the presence of an unconscious, automatic mental process that affects our attitudes and actions toward different groups. In medical practice, implicit bias can lead to disparities in healthcare access, quality of care, and patient outcomes. By raising awareness of implicit bias and providing strategies to mitigate its effects, this course aims to improve medical practice and health outcomes for all patients. This course satisfies Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland state requirements for cultural competence and implicit bias training. Other states, organizations, and boards may also accept this course towards requirements including but not limited to states, organizations, and boards that recognize ACCME-accredited training. Go to Course

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Implicit Bias

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